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Your Welcome Bonus

After taking a good look at you, Mrs. Ventura gives you a secret map of the Road of Fortune. Many unknown areas have been left open, but the beaches are clearly visible. Your attention is immediately drawn to a nearby cross, which usually marks the location of a treasure. Further investigation will take you to your first treasure chest.

When you go out, Mr. Ventura quickly whispers in your ear that he will also double your first deposit if you wish.

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New adventures - Week 42

A cartload of new adventures have just arrived. Which will be your new favorite?

  1. Reactoonz 2
  2. Clash of the Beasts
  3. Wild Walker
  4. Happy Ape
  5. Jolly Treasures
  6. Night of the Living Tales
  7. .....
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New adventures - Week 39

Wealth, wealth and more wealth, that's what most releases are about this week!

First, go to the Temple of Wealth, then Slay the Beast of Wealth,and end with the Celebration of Wealth. 

All releases this week:


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New adventures - Week 38

Mr & Mrs Ventura are extremely exited to try the new adventures that have been unleased on the island.

They still have not agreed on their new favourite, but it is clear there are many candidates for the spot. 

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