Our sign up process is quick and easy. Simply click Join Now on any of our website pages and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. 

We’ve tried to ensure that the Sign Up process is as simple and user-friendly as possible - if you experience problems, please contact us via email at Our Customer Support team will work with you to resolve any problems you may encounter.

We are required by law to have confirmation of identifying details in order to accept you as a customer. All your information is protected according to our published Privacy Policy.

Depending on the law of your country, you may not be allowed to play at our casino. As a result, certain countries and their associated phone prefixes are not available for selection during sign up. 

If you are a resident of - or temporarily located in - a restricted country, you should not attempt to sign up for an account.

Casino Ventura supports a number of currencies that are commonly used by the majority of our customers, including Euro, American Dollar, British Pound, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Krona and Russian Ruble. 
If your currency is not available, you can opt to use an alternative currency. 

Please note that your partner bank may charge a handling fee if it is situated in a country where we do not hold a bank account.

Due to fluctuations in currency conversion rates, we do not offer the facility to change the currency of your account. 

In exceptional circumstances, however, we will offer you the option of closing your original account and opening a new one in your preferred currency. Please note that this is an exception to our general Terms and Conditions and you will therefore need to do this together with our Support Team. 

Please send an email to from the email address you registered on your account and include a copy of your ID for verification purposes.

Click on the ‘Forgot my password’ link on the home page. 

On the Password Retrieval page, enter your Username and email address, and we will send you an email with further instructions.

You can change your personal details in the My Account section when you are logged in. Here you can update your password, email address, phone number, and time and date settings. You can also opt out of receiving newsletters. 

If you would like to change any other registered personal details, please send an email to, tell us the changes you’d like and include a copy of your ID.

You can opt out of receiving newsletters in the My Account section, under Personal Preferences. Do this by deselecting the option “Please send periodic special customer offers”. 

Please be aware that we may still contact you with information to help you with the maintenance of your account. 

You can also unsubscribe from these emails by clicking on the Unsubscribe option in the footer of any marketing emails you receive.

Provided that you have given the correct reference to your bank from our site when making the transfer, the money should be available on your Casino Ventura account no later than the following banking day if you did a domestic (within the same country) transfer. If you had to make an international transfer (a transfer from another country than where we have bank accounts) the money should be in your account within 1-3 banking days from when you made your transfer.

Please make sure that the transfer was actually processed from your bank account first. If it has, please confirm that you followed the bank transfer deposit process from your Casino Ventura account in order to obtain the unique reference for the deposit. If you forgot the reference, kindly contact our Customer Support ideally with a screenshot of your bank account showing proof of deposit.

We provide a large variety of deposit methods of which some are available for all countries while some are country specific. The most popular methods are: Visa Card, Master Card, NETeller and Skrill but we also have country specific. 

Please create an account or login and go to the ‘Banking’ page to see which methods are available for you. If the method you want is not present, please make a suggestion to our Customer Support.

No, there are none.

Please note that your bank may charge a handling fee if it is situated in a country where we do not hold a bank account.

Please note that sometimes credit card deposits will show on your statement 3-5 days later than the date when you deposited to your Casino Ventura account. You can reconcile your deposits against your bank statement by viewing ‘My transactions’ page in ‘My Account’. Dates of payments between our system and your bank’s pages may differ, amounts will not. If you think the amounts ever do differ please contact us describing the error you have found and it will be investigated.

Deposits and withdrawals to and from the cash player account using Neteller are made through Myeg B.V. company E-Wallets.

Deposits and withdrawals to and from the cash player account using Skrill, PaySafeCard, Wirecard, CNG and Adyen are made through the company Flavidus Ltd, a limited company with registration number HE 304422, having it’s registered address at Agiou Antoniou 2, 2002 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Flavidus Ltd is fully owned by Myeg B.V.

First, kindly contact your bank to ensure that you are not exceeding any transaction limits on your card and that the payment is not being declined by the bank. If the issue persists, kindly contact our Customer Support.

Deposit limits are part of our Responsible Gaming Policy and can help you to control the amount you spend. You can choose to implement a daily, weekly or monthly limit. For more information kindly visit the Responsible Gaming Section in our website. 

If you want to use a deposit limit, feel free to contact us at

The CVV2 number also known as Visa three-digit code, is the last three digits of the number displayed on the back of your debit/credit card.

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. IBANs were introduced to standardise the identification of bank accounts internationally. Your existing bank sort code and account numbers haven't been replaced - your IBAN is just an internationally recognised format of your bank details. You can find your relevant IBAN on your account statement. It usually starts with two letters indicating the country where your account is domiciled. The format and length of an IBAN varies from country to country. You will typically find this number printed on your bank statement.

Each financial institution is assigned Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or SWIFT Code. These codes are generally 8-11 characters long.

For example: Deutsche Bank is an international bank with its head office in Frankfurt, Germany, the SWIFT Code for which is DEUTDEFF:

DEUT identifies Deutsche Bank.
DE is the country code for Germany.
FF is the code for Frankfurt.


You can put as much money as you like in your casino account. Deposits are limited though by any limits you have imposed on yourself.

This may be because you have a pop-up blocker stopping you. You should see a message or button at the top of the browser asking if you want to allow pop-ups. Click the message or button and choose ‘always allow pop-ups’ then retry your deposit.

Yes you certainly can. Simply register or login, and follow the steps on our Banking page. You will need certain details from your bankaccount. Please visit our section on What is a Swift code?


Log in to your Casino Ventura account, click the ‘Withdraw’ button and choose from the available withdrawal methods. Please note that upon your first withdrawal you may be required to send us a copy of a government issued form of identification (ID card, passport or driving license). We're happy to receive them on

Please note that for certain payment methods, we are obliged to return your withdrawal back to your deposit method, such as if you deposited with Neteller.

No, there are none. 

Please note that your partner bank may charge a handling fee if it is situated in a country where we do not hold a bank account.

If the withdrawal has not been processed yet, it can be cancelled. Go to ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Transactions’ and at the foot of the page there is a link to cancel your request. Once a transaction is processed though, it is not retrievable.

There can be a delay of up to three days on withdrawals even after processing on our side depending on the method of payment you use. Card and bank transfer withdrawals typically take 48 hours to reach your account, E-wallet pay-outs are typically instant from the moment Casino Ventura approves your pay out. 

We approve over 95% of all pay-outs within 24hrs 365 days a year – generally the only hold up would be caused if we need specific documentation from you. We often ask for a proof of identity on the first withdrawal for security and age verification purposes. If you have not already done so, you can send your proof of identity to

If you have waited longer than 24hrs for your pay-out to be processed, have already submitted to us verification documents and have not received any correspondence from us please feel free to contact our support on

Please check your email including the junk email as it is likely we have contacted you. If not, our support will happily receive your query and raise it with our processing teams.

Yes you certainly can. Simply register or login, and follow the steps on our Banking page. You will need certain details from your bankaccount. Please visit our section on What is a Swift code?

Each financial institution is assigned Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or SWIFT Code. These codes are generally 8-11 characters long.

For example: Deutsche Bank is an international bank with its head office in Frankfurt, Germany, the SWIFT Code for which is DEUTDEFF:

DEUT identifies Deutsche Bank.
DE is the country code for Germany.
FF is the code for Frankfurt.

You can read our General Terms and Conditions from the footer on each of our pages. 

Promotions and individual games may have their own associated Terms and Conditions. You can find these on either the Promotions page or directly from within the game itself.

After you have opened a game, you will find a question mark icon at the bottom left of the game page. Click on this icon to get specific information for that game.

In games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat, right-click with your mouse on the chips you wish to remove. 

In Roulette you can also click the ‘Clear Bet’ button to remove all of your bets from the table.

In Slots and Video Poker, you can press the ‘Cash Out’ button to return the coins from the machine to your balance.

Minimum betting limits are defined in each individual game. 

With slots, you have control over the number of lines you wish to bet on and the value of the coins that you use.

Most of our games have a ‘Play for fun’ option available. Simply select this when choosing the game you would like to play.

Each time you open a game, you can find a little white star on the right of your screen. Once you've ticked it, it will become gold and the game is marked as favourite. 

In the game menu there is a quick link to all your favourite games.

All payments and transactions on Casino Ventura are secured using SSL encryption as approved by the regulations in effect within the European Union, this stops sensitive information being known by any 3rd party intercepting transmitted data. Casino Ventura also actively enforces all necessary security measures in order to protect your payment data against unauthorised access by complying with a series of strong industry information security compliance standards, as well as using the latest available security measured provided by our payment partners, such as 3DSecure. 

We recommend you read our sections on: 

What is SSL – Secure Data Transmission?

What is 3D Secure/Verified by VisaV/Mastercard Secure Code?

How do I know your website is secure?

Casino Ventura fully segregates player funds from business funds and they are held in separate bank accounts from business funds and accounted for completely independently. Casino Ventura keeps at least 100% of all player funds available as cash at any time.

This type of protection is referred to as fund ring-fencing. The existence of a separate client funds bank account protects customer funds in the event of business insolvency and these funds are not available to creditors in the event of liquidation, only to you.

To garantuee the players safety, Casino Ventura uses SSL to encript and authenticate all communication between the player and the casino. SSL is an information security protocol and encryption technique used during transmission of sensitive data over the internet. It allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely. 

SSL secures millions of peoples’ data on the Internet every day, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information. Internet users have come to associate their online security with the lock icon that comes with an SSL-secured website or green address bar that comes with an extended validation SSL-secured website. SSL-secured websites also begin with https rather than http.

Player safety is of the highest priority at Casino Ventura. Please read our full Player Safety rapport to ensure all settings are optimalised and all your security software is updated. 

All personal data recorded on Casino Ventura is confidential. It is protected by the rules and regulations governing electronic data privacy. No information will be communicated to third parties.

We will process your Personal Information in accordance with the applicable data protection law jurisdiction of our regulator. Casino Ventura proposes to process your Personal Information for the following purposes: administering your account; maintaining our own accounts and records; monitoring website usage levels and quality of service; and informing you about products and services that you may be interested in from time to time.

We must submit your information to law enforcement bodies if it is requested.

Please reference to our FAQ on:

How do I know your website is secure? 

How do I know my payments are secure?

What is SSL – Secure Data Transmission?

Casino Ventura is a registered trademark and operates its sites under the remote gaming licenses issued to the respective entities listed hereunder. is operated by Flavidus Limited (Agiou Antoniou 2, Strovolos, 2002 Nicosia, Cyprus) fully owned by Myeg B.V., a company bearing registration number 125474, and having its registered address at Emancipate Boulevard 29, Curacao, licensed and regulated in virtue of license number No. 5536/JAZ granted by the Government of Curacao.

3D Secure is a protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. This is achieved by adding another authentication step for online payments. Sometimes you may be asked for a code when making a payment which you will have set up with your bank or be prompted to set-up – this is 3D Secure.

Please contact your bank if you are having difficulty with this process. Payments requiring 3DSecure will be refused until the code is correctly entered.

How does 3D Secure work?

If you haven’t purchased a product or service online using 3D Secure before on any website, you will be redirected to your issuing credit card’s secure website where you must verify some personal details and select a code or a password. This is integrated into our payment facility. You must never disclose this password to anyone – this is how you guarantee your card is secure. Do not write your password or code down anywhere. This code would then be needed for future online purchases on our website or even other e-commerce websites you may use.

The commonly used HTTP protocol is built on top of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). TCP guarantees that the data will be delivered, or it is impossible to deliver (target not reachable, etc.). You open a TCP connection and send HTTP messages through it.

But TCP does not guarantee any level of security. Therefore an intermediate layer named SSL is put between TCP and HTTP and you get the so called HTTPS. This way of working is called tunneling – you send data into one end of the (SSL) tunnel and collect it at the other one. SSL gets HTTP messages, encrypts them, sends them over TCP and decrypts them again at the other end. Encryption protects you from eavesdropping and transparent MITM attacks (altering the messages).

But SSL does not only provide encryption, it also provides authentication. The server must have a certificate signed by a well known certification authority (CA) that proves its identity. Without authentication, encryption is useless as MITM attack is still possible. The attacker could trick you into thinking that he is the server you want to connect to. You want to verify that the server you are connecting to really is the one you want to connect to. Authentication protects you from MITM attacks.

Player safety is of the highest priority at Casino Ventura. Please read our full Player Safety rapport to ensure all settings are optimalised and all your security software is updated. 

Your password guarantees that access to your Casino Ventura account is secure. Together with your username it ensures that your bets and winnings remain safe.

Choose a password that is easy to remember, but also difficult for anybody else to guess. For example if you use letters and numbers, you could disguise your birthday as 30sHofm@n19&70.

Our password policy mandates that your password should contain: 

• At least 8 characters; • A mixture of lower case and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters (we recommend you use one of these symbols!?()*+,:;=@_./-[]{}); • It must not contain your username 

Please remember to keep your password secret. Casino Ventura will never ask you to disclose your password. The security of your password is your responsibility. 

Please note that it is possible for computer malware, if installed on a computer you are using, to identify your password and send it to a 3rd party through a technique called ‘key stroke logging.’ This cannot happen if malware is not installed on the machine thus we recommend you only use trusted computers to access your account (personal machines, not public computers) and endeavour to have up-to-date reputable anti-virus software active and running on your computer.

First you have to log in using your old password. If you have forgotten it, then please follow the ‘forgotten password’ process accessible via a link next to the username and password entry fields. Alternately, you can contact our support to help you. Once in your account go to ‘My Account’ and ‘Details’ and ‘Change Password’. Confirm your new password, then be sure to press Save at the bottom on the screen.

If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgotten password?’ and follow the process. Alternately, you can contact our support to help you.

Cookies must be enabled to use all the services offered on Casino Ventura.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the gear in the top right corner, choose Internet Options
2. Select the Privacy tab
3. Set the level to Medium to accept our cookies
4. Click OK

To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on the menu in the top right corner, select Options
2. Select Privacy
3. In the History box, choose Firefox will use custom settings for history
4. Click on Accept Cookies from Sites
5. Click OK

To enable cookies in Chrome:

1. Click the Chrome menu icon.
2. Select Settings.
3. Near the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
4. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
5. To enable cookies, select Allow local data to be set (recommended). 
6. Click Done to save.

If you still can't login in to Casino Ventura, please contact us at

A slow network connection might cause a dysfunction on your gaming activity. For example should your network or your device performance be too slow and you place a bet during the final session of a round, your bet might not register on the server in time or at all. This may prevent the good progress of any game or bet.

Casino Ventura offers tutorials and extensive help both onsite or through our customer service team.
Every page has contextual help that displays relevant information when the mouse moves over the text. The help pages cover nearly every question we have ever been asked. 
You can also contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, using one of the flowing methods:

Call: +316 8264 7384

Live Chat, available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovenian and Ukrainian. 



You may contact us at any time should you have any questions or require assistance. If you feel anything is not as it should be, email our Customer Service department at Upon receipt, best efforts will be made to resolve any reported matter in a timely manner.


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